Combine multiple time series to visualize on the same graph for comparison
Pinpoint with one second accuracy when an event happened
Zoom in when you notice something interesting, to get a better view
Compare values at the exact second it happened
Change your graph types to suit the data
Select your time ranges, or go back in history
Easily extend with your own time series plugin to monitor a custom event


1 second resolution

Store and see your time series metrics at 1 second resolution. Know what happens every second!

Open source python agent

Uses an agent based on Python and can be easily extended, in any language you like. Easily install the agent with just one line! Grab the agent from

Automated dashboards

Dashboards are automatically created as data is received, grouping time-series together that belongs.

Per hour billing

In true SaaS style, only pay for every hour that you send metrics. No metrics, no bill! You even get free $15 credit when you sign up.


Store and visualize any number you want, at 1 second resolution

With, you can send us any metric in time series format, and we'll store and visualize it for you.

We have developed our own Python agent to communicate with the mothership, and you can easily extend this code with your own plugins, in any language.

You can change your subscriptions up or down, as much as you like. You only pay for the rate of the selected subscription for that hour.

Installation is as simple as running a single commandline on your sytem. Put it in Puppet or Ansible if you want!

Sign up now, and get your free $15 sign-up credit to use and test us. There's no obligation to continue using when the credit runs out.

  • IoT ready

    Bring all your IoT data to us!

  • Dashboard and charts

    Correlate your events, between different time-series

  • Real-time graphs

    Graphs are updated in real-time

  • Web-interface alerting

    We'll let you know if something goes wrong